Aside note

…and you question why I close the car windows when parked on a sunny day in the Florida Keys. You never know when the rain will come down, and when it does,  it pours – so much that you’ll get completely soaked just running out to your car, not to mention some very wet seats.

Xmas gifts

AC: So I said to myself, Allison, what are you going to do for Xmas presents this year?
RB: And what did you decide?
AC: Make jewelry, of couse, like every other Xmas.
RB: Anything else?
AC: Send your favorite chocolates to family, but don’t buy any for yourself.
RB: That’s hard to do.
AC: You said it!
AC: I’m also working on a holiday card that follows the 12 days of Christmas – keys style. This year is 4 parrotfish.
RB: What did you do for the other years?
AC: 3 Key West hens, 2 manatees, and a pelican in a palm tree.
RB: That’s cute.
AC: I’ll post it here when I’m done.

Hello world!

Finally getting my blog in place. It’s been  a while. The rest of the site has been up since spring 2013, and here it is December 15, 2013 already. Better late than never. Here, I plan to share some photos of my jewelry, some jewelry “how tos”, random thoughts, and links to some sites I find of interest. Stay tuned. Thanks!